Saturday, December 31, 2016

Send your devotional meditation to us for publication in SU VOZ

Send your devotional meditation to us for publication in SU VOZ

· The meditations should be written in digital format using Times New Roman font, 12 points, and one-line spacing.

· The entire text should include: the meditation’s title, a biblical passage, a key bible verse, the meditation’s text and a closing prayer.  The total should not exceed 200 words.

· The Board of Directors of the publication reserves the right to decide whether or not to publish the collaborative meditation sent to as, as well as making any necessary editorial adjustments to the text.

· The originals will not be returned to the sender. 


We will gladly accept your submissions in English! We will translate them into Spanish and forward them to publishers of Su Voz in Cuba. Although this publication has been solely in the hands of Cuban Presbyterians since its inception and initial publication in 1964, perhaps 2017 is the ideal moment for a new Cuban-U.S. collaboration of voices.


Envíanos tu colaboración a


Las meditaciones deben escribirse en letra Times New Roman,

12 puntos, a un espacio.

El texto total debe incluir: título de la meditación, pasaje bíblico, versículo clave, texto de la meditación y oración. El conjunto no debe exceder las 200 palabras.

La Dirección de la revista se reserva el derecho de decidir la publicación de la colaboración enviada, así como de hacer los ajustes editoriales necesarios.

No se devuelven los originales. 

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