Thursday, August 28, 2014

Su Voz delay and VOLUNTEER opportunity

Dear Friends-

Elisa Menocal has encountered some technical difficulties with her laptop that will cause an interruption in service beginning today. In response to an appeal shared with the Cuba Partners Network Monday of this week, Jim Burke is providing a replacement laptop for Elisa. Jim and Elisa are working together with hopes of returning to production in the next week to ten days.

Much thanks to Jim for responding to this appeal. And much thanks to Elisa for her devotion to this calling.

There remains one very important volunteer opportunity for anyone who would like to volunteer their time and gifts to work with Elisa in translating and posting daily Su Voz devotions to the Cuba Partners Su Voz blog at

The process is relatively simple. I procure the quarterly Su Voz production from IPRC in soft form. Elisa translates and posts the translation and the original Spanish version to the blog whose link is above. 

Elisa began this ministry several years ago when she spent a year in residence at SET. She has continued this ministry since her return to the US and currently resides in Boston. While a number of people gain access to daily Su Voz devotions by going to the blog, I estimate that several hundred in the US receive the devotion every day via email. This chain reaction comes primarily from Cuba partnership local leaders who daily access the Cuba Partners Su Voz blog, copy the devotion, and forward to their particular email distribution group.

In Austin, we have chosen to let folks access Su Voz when they wish by going to the blog. Should you wish to receive daily emails of Su Voz devotions, please contact Barbara D'Andrea at . I understand that she regularly forwards via email Su Voz to those who prefer to receive email every day. (Most people, like me, do not like to receive daily email. But then I sometimes forget about Su Voz, until is time for quarterly updates!)

Your choice as to when and how you might wish to access Su Voz. I am amazed at how often the devotions seem as if they were written specifically for me. And, they help keep me in touch with the Cuban church.

And should any of you choose to help Elisa Menocal with translation and posting, please contact Elisa at or by phone at 610-256-6552. As a volunteer, I am sure she would welcome a partner.



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  1. I was able to find an available computer with internet access and, most importantly, the time and ability to do the translations from my place of work! Even more than having a translation partner, I would love to hear from every one of you who can post to this blog. Just knowing that you are reading these devotions, and have your own thoughts to add and share, are God's way of telling me that this is a job well done and appreciated. Please do share your comments with me and with all the others.