Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday, August 2 THE RED ROSE MATTHEW 8:23-27

Tuesday, August 2
MATTHEW 8:23-27

Then he replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and waves, and it was completely calm.
Matthew 8:26

One day while walking in the street I noticed some dark clouds gathering in the sky, and it began to rain in torrents. I rapidly sought shelter, and that rain became a downpour. This frightened me, and I began to pray, asking God to assist me in overcoming that situation. Then I noticed a small red rose, half withered and bent over by the large water drops falling upon it and by the strong wind.  Despite everything, the flower didn’t break; rather, it tolerated the battering of the rain and each of its blows with incredible strength. The little rose withstood the punishment without yielding. When the rain had passed, I noticed with surprise how the small and fragile rose was still intact with its upright stem facing the sky, proudly displaying its beautiful petals as a trophy of victory over that storm.
All this made me reflect upon my life, having observed how the defenseless rose fought to stay upright before the storm. I remembered the difficulties I’d had in my life and how many times I had felt that I couldn’t go on. 

Since that moment, I don’t let anything frighten or discourage me. Every time I feel myself weakening, I remember that little red rose that showed me how strong I am and how much God cares for me, despite sending me storms that lash my life.

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for caring for me even amid the storms. Amen.

Translated by John Walter 

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